April, 2006



President: Elmer Beck

1St Vice-President: Fred Stratton

2nd Vice-President: Simon Cantin

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer Adam Villalbazo

Editors: Norah & Simon Cantin

Membership Karin Beck

Sunshine: Shirley Cook

Publicity: Julius Cotter

Wagonmaster: De Singleton


* Membership *

$17.50 single, $25.00 per family (includes children 18 years and younger),

Memberships become due in September each year.



The workshop is located in the basement at:

Sullivan Hall, 6302 152nd Street

Surrey, B.C.


Surrey Rockhounder is the official newsletter of

the Surrey Rockhound Club, and is included

in your membership fee.

It is published monthly, except July & December.

If you wish to submit articles, please send them by

the 12th day of the month to:

Norah Cantin, Editor


(The Original Rockhounder Newsletter)

Suite 614, 7360 - 137 Street

Surrey, B.C. V3W 1A3


Newsletter of The Surrey Rockhound Club

Members of:

The B.C. Lapidary Society

Gem and Mineral Federation of Canada

Arts Council of Surrey _________________________


General meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM at:

St. Luke Parish Hall

10177 - 148th Street, Surrey, B. C.

(at the back of the church)

Next General Meeting

The April Meeting will be held on Wednesday,

April 26th, 2006.

The program will be"Fossils".

Bring some of your fossils

for people to see.

Next Executive Meeting

The next executive meeting will be on Wednesday,

May 10th, 2006



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Surrey Rockhounder Newsletter - April 2006

President's Message:

Welcome to the Surrey Rockbound club. Please let us know of rock hounding activities you would like the club to undertake. Are there any topics you would like presented at future meetings? Are there any speakers you would like us to hear at future meetings?

At our April meeting, we will be featuring fossils. Please bring some fossils to show others.

De Singleton has arranged for Rick Hudson to come to our May meeting. He will be bringing copies of his new book as well as presenting a slide show.

Alice and Elmer Clarke are to be commended for their many hours of work in conjunction with preparing for and extending themselves at the Abbottsford show.

Gladys and Rudy Zimmerman again did an excellent job of organising and running the kitchen facility at the Abbotsford show.

The dealers at the Abbotsford show were very appreciative of the coffee and home baked goodies delivered to them by Karin and Amanda Beck.

Thank you to all who volunteered at the Abbottsford show, either by being there to help, or by putting in cases or by giving good advise.

Thank you to Julius Cotter for organising our rock trade event last month. Not only did he organize it but also he brought most of the specimens.

We are in need of volunteers for several committees,

and still need a club secretary. Please become and active member of our club, if you can help please let us know!!

We still have some Surrey club vests for sale.

Please contact me if you want GMFC Scholarship forms.

As we enter the 2006 season, I welcome members to attend workshop sessions but remind people that members should attend three meetings a year. Junior members must have an adult member accompany them while they are working in the shop.

I look forward to seeing you at meetings and club outings.


Editor's Notes

Hi again everyone! We hope you all had a nice Easter Holiday.

Wasn't that a wonderful Gem Show in Abbotsford?

Wow! The show cases were great. I really liked Tom Reid's carvings of the dolphins, penguins, and jade garden. Amanda Beck's wonderful display of trees with the little cabin and miniature swing set seemed to reveal a story. Stephen's rock pictures were outstanding, and Don Stebbing's bears and birds and other animal carvings were great! Then Robert Kacpura's vault pendant was exceptional.(See article on page 4). Elmer & Alice Clarke's, De Singleton's and Ron Wade's crystal display were terrific. Juluis Cotter's jadeolin and jade violin demonstrated amazing skills and talent. Then the jewelry in cases 48 through 55 were also outstanding. The new Thursday night carving group put in a great display, which says a lot about their instructor whose unique work in his display case demonstrates his genuine artistic talent. (I know, I'm one of Simon's biggests fan!).

There are lots of club events coming up soon, I hope you have a chance to take some of them in especially the Rendezvous in May, it's so much fun.

It has been over three years now since Simon and I took over editing the newsletter. Come fall of this year we hope to be passing on this job to someone else. As such, it is time to start thinking of who would like to take on this opportunity. Anyone who is interested in doing this, please let the executive know.

See you at the meeting.


Surrey Rockhounder Newsletter - April 2006


The workshop is located in the basement of Sullivan Hall, 6302 - 152nd Street, Surrey. Please Note that, for insurance reasons, you must be a club member in order to use the workshop machinery. Also, the workshop is just a small

part of the Club's activities. If you wish to use the Workshop facilities, please plan on attending some of the regular monthly meetings. It is also recommended that if you wish to join wirewrapping or silversmith classes, that you should first complete the 10 week Beginner Lapidary lessons on Monday nights.

Lapidary ($2 per session, plus cost of supplies):

Note: Workshops are not in session during the summer, except for Friday nights but check

this with Kavinder first before attending.

Beginners: Monday - 7 pm - 9 pm

foreman - Elmer

Faceting: Tuesday Evening-Drop-in

sessions @ $2 each,

Alice & Elmer

General: Wednesday 12:00 - 3 pm

foreman - Rudy -

(Please call the day before if you will be attending)

Wednesday: 7 to 9 p.m. Norma Wolfe's wirewrapping.

(call first if you will be attending)

Wirewrapping: Thursday Afternoon - Open session $2 each, minimum of 3. Please call first, and come with supplies.

Norma Wolfe

General: Thursday evening 6:30 pm to 9 pm

foreman - De -

Sculpture/ Thursday 6:30 pm to 9 pm $2 each

Carving Simon -

General: Friday: 7 pm - 9 pm , foreman - Kavinder:

; or Ron -

Please call the day before if you will be attending.

Reminder: Children must be accompanied by parent, guardian or a responsible/suitable adult.

New Members:

There are no new members this month.



We still need a secretary.

We are looking for a person (male or female) to take on this position.

If there is any volunteer that would like to get involved in this position, please let the executive know and we will be glad to help you in any way we can. Thank you.


A Note from the 2006 B.C. Gem Show

The B.C. Gem Show Committee extends our thanks for your displays in the B.C. Gem Show.

Your cases show a wide variety of interests, with an emphasis on carvings and collections. There is an increased use of labels which enable the viewer to better appreciate the displays. Simon Cantin, De Singleton and particularly Robert Kacpura need to be commended.

Robert is continually amazing us with his artistry and workmanship in silver.

Stephen's "rock pictures" are getting increasingly more detailed and intricate. "Naming" his creations would enhance the showmanship.

Keep up the good work!

Alice Clarke

Show Chair

Surrey Rockhounder Newsletter - April, 2006

A Display from the Abbotsford Show

The following was an outstanding display by Robert Kacpura.

Vault Pendant

The pendant design is inspired by a circular bank vault, and includes a working interlocking bolt mechanism to secure the door. A total of four bolts slide into place locking the door when the wheel is turned clockwise, and unlocks when turned counterclockwise.

Both pendant and chain are hand fabricated, and the pendant alone is made up of 103 separate pieces, weighs approximately 73 grams, and took 2 months of effort to complete.

Surrey Rockhounder Newsletter - April, 2006


During the Middle Ages, prayer beads were exported as the main product of tooled Baltic amber. From the 16th century into the 18th century, bracelets, necklaces, containers, boxes, bowls, plates, flutes, buttons, mouth pieces for pipes, chess sets, watch cases and even luxury interior fittings were made using amber.

The bulk of the amber trade took place in Königsberg and Danzig, modern Russia and Poland, respectively. In Rome, during the reign of Nero, Romans traveled to the coast of Germania to purchase amber. One expedition proved so successful that a special "amber day" was arranged, where this costly item was used to decorate the gladiator games. In the protective netting between spectators and the arena, a glittering amber ornament was placed within each knot and the actual arena
was apparently strewn with amber!

During that time, the southwest coast of the Baltic Sea was the most important supplier. The Romans maintained regular trade connections with northern Europe along the so called "Amber Routes".
Even earlier, amber was revered by the Phoenicians, who traveled the seaway to what is today the Danish west-coast. Grave-finds from all countries around the Baltic Sea prove that earlier amber was a common trade object to Stone Age man. Since prehistoric times amber has thus been a readily sought after material. Its color, luster, warmth, aroma, electric properties and
background, in a scientific sense, place amber in a special category among ornamental stones.

In days gone by, amber was acclaimed to possess the power of healing. Worn as a necklace or charm, or carried around in small bags, amber was believed
to be a remedy against such ailments as gout, rheumatism, sore throats, toothache and stomach-ache. It was also believed that amber accelerated birth and was a good remedy against snake bites. To guard against the swapping of a new born baby, the infant it was often given an amber necklace to wear. Amber

was supposed to contain magical powers, which is why heart shaped amber charms were carried to offer protection against evil forces and help against witchcraft.

-During the Roman times, higher prices were paid for small amulets in amber than for healthy slaves.
In 79 AD, Plinius wrote that the women of northern Italy wore amber beads against their thyroid. Martin Luther carried a piece of amber in his pocket as a protection against kidney stones.

-In ancient China it was customary to burn amber during large festivities. This practice both signified the wealth of the host as well as honoring the

-According to Mohammed, a true believer's prayer beads should be made of amber.

-The father of healing, Hippocrates, declared amber active against a number of diseases including delirium tremers.

-Over 2500 years ago, Thales of Miletos discovered that when amber was rubbed against cloth, sparks were produced and then the amber attracted husks and small wooden splinters. This force was given the name "electricity" after the Greek word electron which means amber.

-Unfortunately, amber is not forever. Roman beads, 2000 years old, have developed a new thick crust.

-The Baltic amber jewelry from the last centuries has the fine net of new crust on the surface. It is possible to polish it, but it is very difficult with the faceted kind of jewelry that was common at that time.

-Some amber from the Dominican Republic crusts already after 10-20 years. In Museum für Naturkunde in Stuttgart, germany, their valuable collections of inclusions are preserved in plastic-coating to keep them from the devastating oxygen. Only the amber deep down in geological deposits has "survived" since it oozed from the trees. So, what is found today is only very little of all the resin the trees have produced during millions of years.

Contributed by: Wade Ohrlein
Sources: http://www.brost.se/eng/education/facts.html

Surrey Rockhounder Newsletter - April 2006


Complete lapidary machine, Star Diamond, made in California..Size: 30" long, 17" deep.

Has trim saw, 2 blades; 100 grit grinding wheel,

2 polishing wheels, 200 and 600 grit;

leather final polisher at the end.

Complete with motor, cord and water system with stand.

Not used very much. $300.00

Call Don Wolfe



Facetting outfit. A nice little carrying box that contains everything you will need to work at hand facetting.


Call Norma Wolfe


Our April Meeting:Bring some

of your fossils to show

at the meeting.

You can also give

an explanation on

where, when and how

you happen to discover them.

Hi All Rockhounds,

First of all, in the best of all worlds, as the person in charge of programs for the Surrey Rockhounds, I have been very lax and not done anything special. A bad start, I know.

Then, miracle of miracles, Rick Hudson called ME, and asked to come to the May meeting to give a talk about jade, with slides.

I would like to invite any rockhound members from any of the clubs who are interested, to come and hear Rick's talk.

He will also have his new book on sale at a special promotion price.

The date is Wed. May 24th at 7:30 at St. Lukes Parish Hall, 10177 - 148th Street, Surrey, BC.

Please put this information in your newsletters and pass on to your club members.

Thanks, De

Surrey Rockhounder Newsletter - April 2006

Surrey Rockhound Club Meeting

Minutes from March 22,2006

Minutes of last meeting, Feb 22,2006 , were accepted as printed in the newsletter.

Carol and Harry Cook took rock samples to share at their grandchild's school as part of the school's "Love of Art" program.

Meeting date March 29 should have red Mar 22.

Correspondence : Pebble Press Richmond, On the Rocks Burnaby, Sudbury Rock and Lapidary Society, Thunder Bay Lapidary Society, Karen Hinderman, Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral Club

E-mail: Walter Gamble re donation of rocks , BCIT Mining Department, Online Gemology


Committee reports:

Arts Council Theresia Keet

Education Co-ord Bill Wardle no calls from schools

Hospitality Karin and Elmer Beck

Library Leo Dery

Membership Karin Beck 30 present. -membership cards at the front

Newsletter Norah Cantin excellent

Program De Singleton March stone exchange, & auction, April fossils.

Public Relations Julius Cotter nothing new

Show Committee Alice Clarke

Sound Don Wolfe

Sunshine Shirley Cook

Sullivan Hall Ron Wade

Wagon master De Singleton

Ways/Means Kamlesh Puri

Work Shop Foreman Elmer Clarke beginners class needs more beginners

Old Business

Letter from Pam Lott Thompson Valley Rockhound Club re number of people planning to attend Rendezvous

Investigating Canada Day

New Business

Fred Stratton has the Surrey Rockhounder on the website www.surreyrockhound.com

Shirley Cook had brochure for Mt Baker show Apr 8 & 9, 2006.

Surrey Rockhound Newsletter - April 2006

Field Trips:

Wagonmaster trips: A backpack is a useful and probably the easiest way to carry your finds. Bring gloves, boots, protective eyewear, waterproof rain gear and waterproof hat, a rock hammer if you have one, chisels, spray bottle, portable shovel, a brush to clean the specimens, and lunch with a thermos of something hot or cold to drink, depending of the season. Drinking water is also very good to bring along as you get pretty dehydrated out there.

In Winter/Spring: Be sure to wear warm clothing in layers so that you can adjust to changing weather conditions. Warm boots with socks are a must, as are gloves. Remember your rain gear, and something hot to drink.

Apr. 23/06 Harrison Fossils Leader: Cam Bacon from the Abbotsford club is leading a group to the Harrison Lake Fossils location. Again, the meeting place is the Sasquatch Inn on highway #7. This location has been a popular spot for clam fossils, and belemnite fossils. The clams are fairly easy to pick up, however the belemnites usually require some encouragement with hammers & chisels to set them free. This trip is 20Km off the paved roads on a logging road. Fill up with gas, and bring a lunch.Contact: Cam Bacon,

May 14/06 Crystal Creek Leader is Gary Richards Meet at Bridal Falls at 9am.

This trip is for Epidote Crystal. You will need a hammer and some chisels.

June 10/06 Lee's Fergusons Leader is Bob Morgan Meet at 10 a.m

at 232 St and highway #1 on the south side. There will be more detail later.

This is a sale for Rockhouds.

July 16/06 North Air Mine, Squamish Leader is Gord Pinder The meeting place is the

Britannia Mine Parking Lot. We will be looking for Pyrite cubes, 1/4" Chalcopyrite and exploratory

on the logging road above North Air.

July 30/06 Keystone Mine Leaders are De Singleton and Bob Morgan .

The meeting place is the south side of the Coquialla toll booth at 10 am. We will be looking for

Sulphides and Pyrites in the tailing of the old mine.

Also see: B.C. Lapidary Society internet site: www.lapidary.bc.ca/clubs.html under: B.C. Field Trips for possible trips

Most trips go RAIN or SHINE!

***PLEASE NOTE: Please do not just arrive at the meeting place without checking to be sure the trip is actually on. You should always phone the trip leader the day before the trip to confirm it is going ahead.

Upcoming Events:

May, 19-22, 2006 Rendezvous 2006 at Heffley Creek Community Hall, Heffley Creek B.C.

On Highway 5A, 18 km north of Kamloops. Free dry camping at the hall.

(Details of this in our March newsletter)

June 2-4, 2006 Vancouver Island Gemboree, Comox BC. Check out the Society web page for more details.

August 6-11 Summer Camp At Port McNeil on Vancouver Island. Check out the society web page for up-to-date information.