ARTS COUNCIL Sheollagh Fitzgerald Keeps us in touch with the Surrey Arts Council by attending their meetings and bringing information each way
EDUCATION PROGRAM              COORDINATOR John Kennedy Masterminds the school education program. He leads groups of experienced helpers that will assist the young learners to understand what our hobby is about.
HOSPITALITY Daniel Bertrand In charge of our refreshments at the General Meetings. They can always use some help if you show up a little early.
LIBRARY Franz Derungs Watches over the Club Library including books, magazines, videos, cd's and dvd's. Franz took over from Leo. We are moving some of the library to the workshop.
MEMBERSHIP Barb Bertrand Tracks the members and dues for the club
NEWSLETTER Edits and sends out the email link to the newsletter
Maintains the web page
PROGRAM Harley Waterson Organizes the program for the meetings. If you have any ideas about what you would like to see at a meeting or how we can accomplish that then please talk to De.
PUBLIC RELATIONS Is responsible for our advertising for our meeting and especially our shows.
SHOW COMMITTEE Fred Stratton Organizes and runs the annual shows for our club
SOUND Sets up the sound system and keeps it working. Especially during our meetings.
SUNSHINE Norah Cantin Corresponds with our less fortunate members trying to bring a little cheer into their lives when they are down.
De Morgan Works with the stakeholders in the Sullivan Hall to ensure we are up to date with their latest endeavor. Ron and Adam usually open the Friday night shop.
WAGONMASTER Keeps us informed of all the local field trips. De also opens the Thursday night shop with guest carvers either of Brett Long or John Dixon
WAYS AND MEANS   Finds ways to keep our interest in sharing our delight in the rockhounding world. Usually he has a table with samples and such plus a draw.
Workshop Maintenance Committee Keeps track of the needs of the workshop and make sure the tools are maintained. They also run the Monday night shop.