On June 28 The Surrey Rockhound Club Hosts the Annual Club Auction.

Anyone is invited for this event. We usually have 60 or more very nice rock or gem related items up for auction.

All proceeds go to the club to fund our events. Refreshments and dessert are supplied.

Here are some of the items that will be in the auction. (Click on the item to see a bigger picture)
Amethyst Rock                      from Simon Cantin
Arizona petrified wood             from Harley Waterson
Jasper                                    from Henry
6 inch Angelite/Honey onyx Bird                                        from De and Bob Morgan
Jasper                                 from Simon Cantin
Hornitos jasper                       from Harley Waterson
BC Soapston                         from Simon Cantin
Moss Agate/Calcite                    from Harley Waterson
Obsidian                      from Simon Cantin
Petrified Wood from Henry
Peach Alabaster             from Simon Cantin
High End Slabs                      from Stuart Watts
2 lbs of African Blue Lace Agate from Stuart Watts
10 X 6.5 inch translucent jade slab from De and Bob Morgan
Brazilian Soapstone               from Simon Cantin
Arizon Petrified wood      from Rita Brooks
Wasington State Sand Dollars    from Rita Brooks
Monte Lake Eye Agates         from Rita Brooks
Glass Crystals                       from Rita Brooks
Montana Soapstone                  from Rita Brooks
Tray of Slabs                          from Rita Brooks
Oregon Polka Dot Agate      from Rita Brooks
Arizona Mushroom Jasper/Agate from Rita Brooks
Tray of slabs                          from Rita Brooks
  Black Skin India Agate             from Rita Brooks
Powerful Illuminated Jeweller's Loupe from Bob and De Morgan
Geode, Wood and T-eggs from Bob and De Morgan


We look forward to seeing lots of people at the auction.

Bob and De will host the bidding and we usually have 2 or 3 helpers to make sure everyone gets their items promptly.

Members that wish to donate items for the ausction should send a picture of the item along with a brief description to the webpage (webmanage@surreyrockhound.com) .

Please have a common item such as a coin or bill or ruler in the picture so people can get a sense of the scale of the item. The picture will then be placed on this page to show everyone some of the items for auction.


Surrey Rockhound Club's Annual Tailgate Event
Sunday July 16, 2017 at the Sullivan Hall Parking lot!
6306 - 152 St., Surrey, BC (9:00am to 4:00p.m.)

It's that time of the summer again for our annual tailgate sale - in order to sell at the event you need to be a
member of a rock hound club as our insurance company insists on it so let me know if you belong to
a club. If not you may want to consider joining a club, yearly rates are very reasonable.

FYI -VIP: EACH parking space (approximately 8-9 feet wide & share white parking lines)
costs $10.00, if you have one space you can either sell out of the trunk of your vehicle or you can
set up in that parking space and park your vehicle in a designated area (not close to your space),
of course if you have two or more spaces you can do it either way/or both but you must stay
within the boundaries of your assigned parking space(s).
if your canopy is a 10x10 it will not fit in one space, you will need two spaces
**Due to increasing interest in our tailgate event all money for space(s) needs to be received by the Treasurer latest July 3rd.
After that your space will not be confirmed but reassigned, no exception.
However, you can still attend but may only chose from remaining available space.

email ritrr@shaw.ca if you're interested with number of spaces,
I will reply with confirmation and forward Treasurer address for payment.
Please forward this email to any interested rock club member.


Oct. 14 & 15, 2017

10:00 AM TO 5:00  PM
  At Sullivan Hall, located at 6306 152nd St., Surrey, BC.(Google Maps)

Door Prizes, Kid's Stuff,
Displays, Jewelry, Dealers....
And much more.
Admission by Donation.